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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

La lista inevitable...

10 Rulers on Etech 2006 (newbie style)
Power and Glory!

1.AJAX rulz
2.PowerBooks rule. OS X rule. 90% of the notebooks here are Powerbooks!!
3.Open API´s rule
4.RSS rules, and everybody is trying to make the killer RSS app.
5.Windows Live wants to rule
6.Firefox Rules. Even Ray Ozzie was using it.
7.Greasemonkey is cool.
8.EFF rules. RIAA, NSA and ATT suck.
9.Wireless is heaven. Hell...Heaven...
10. Spinach and Ice tea. Rule.
Cosas que uno aprende en Etech: El boleto Tokyo-San Diego roundtrip cuesta alrededor de "tutrousanddolarssorrymyenglishhisprettybad", there is the inevitable cultural shock, there is no woman, half of the attendat look like Stallman, 25% like an anime japanese cartoon and the other 25% like napoleon dynamite, las unicas personas hablando en español son los meseros y los que acomodan las mamparas para las sesiones, con excepcion del CEO de foldera.com, que cada vez que paso por los stands aprovecha para gritar "BUEENES TARDES! - stay tuned for more etech 2006 wisdom.


  • Con respecto al número 2...

    Steal one for me xD!

    By Blogger Edo, at 8:27 PM  

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