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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Super rough notes

The Real Nature of the Emerging Attention Economy
Speaker: Michael H. Goldhaber

an economy most generally
is a massively multiplayer
economic history
is a multilevel game
first level
coming nextand already very powerful
attention economy
it is a completly new system
TPI coefficient of Economies
When do we reach a new level
when enough of the players reach their goals
new level emerges from basic human procliviies...
2 changes of level
feudal -> MMI MMI-> attention economy
success-security success-material abundance
openingsungoverned city spacessafe travelmostly no slavery
openingshigh schoolbroadcastingpublishing internet
goals-loyalty feoffdoms security
goals material goods money jobs
goals attention from others
roles knights serfs
roles owner worker consumer
roles star fan
work earnings goods capital porofits more capital
atention economyatenton memory more atention
what is attentiona. it is scarce and it always will beb. it is very desirablec. nothing limits the amount of atttention you can absorb, if you could get it
the penumbra of paying attention

keynote: Turing Cathedral
speaker: George Dyrson

//warning: this conference was great, i just typed tag style I guess, well, the previous one too, but read between the lines
world brain
the human mind
insctint and reason
reverse engineering the brain!
Alfred Smee
On computable numbers with an application...
Alan Turing
Thomas Hobbes
By raciociation, i mean computation
//notes! in binary!
G. W. Bon Leibniz
(all the screens of book pages are from google books, i recognize them mwahaha)
ulam feynman von newman
electronic computer project
Dr. Gödel!
//gee, i must learn german...
//too much tea and coffee
Report on THE ENIAC
Woha. coolest talk. i´ve got to have the slides
what makes you think that mathematics is the way the brain works?
mechanization of thoughts processes
speculations concerning the ultraintelligent machine
ross ashby - design for a brain
the famous history of frier bacon
natanhiel hawthorne


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